Dan McCarten Performance mouthguards

Sporting Smiles Performance Mouthguards

SS iconSporting Smiles has established a reputation for its high quality service and products. Sporting Smiles has provided all elite GAA players in the 32 counties in Ireland and London county with protective mouthguards. Sporting Smiles performance department has helped numerous GAA players and top Irish Professional Athletes in Rugby, Hockey and Boxing with improving their performance and preventing injury through neuromuscular jaw alignment. With all athletes overwhelmed at the ability of the mouthguard in helping improve performance. Sporting Smiles are the only providers of this treatment in Ireland, and one of a small number internationally.

Sporting Smiles Performance Mouthguards

Dan McCarten - County Down Senior GAA Defender

aaAll 32 County GAA Teams

aRugby Players - Club and Country

dfs2012 London Olympics - Boxing









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